.it's me, 4-Bit. 
This is the new me. I've been created for many years of work, and I think I can be pretty mysterious, but yet, very direct. 

I don't think you are normally see this kind of bio, so.. yeah, it's not that, it's only an introduction for what's going to happen soon. 

I've been working on it for years and years, this name, these songs, this story, and for the first time, I feel i'm ready. 

To be honest with you, this is decently my Alter-Ego and I'm not trying to hide it, but if you are curious enough, join me and let's find its way together. 

I'm inviting you to find together with me who I really am.
Yes, it's going to contain some quite songs, some real words I'm using, and more Alter-Egos.

Are you ready? 


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